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Local economic strategy workshop session


We help places and industries to plan and deliver better business environments 


We create ambitious local economic strategies, vision statements and industry sector plans. We write winning bids for government funding programmes. Read more about our projects and what our clients say about us.

British Pound Coins

UK Shared Prosperity Fund

How UK local government should prepare for SPF and the end of EU Structural and Investment Funds


We empower business associations, government, economic development bodies, civic-minded corporates and consultancies.


We create strategies and investment prospectuses for local economic development; sector plans and area visions for enterprise and business growth. Our approach is to help our clients navigate a four-stage process of evidence gathering and stakeholder engagement. The process asks the questions: (1) Where are we now? (2) Where will we be if we don't change our ways? (3) Where do we want to be? (4) How do we get there? Sign up for our newsletter and get your free strategy template here!


We support our clients with Green Book compliant bids into public funding competitions. We help them win the resources they need for their enterprise and business growth programmes. Learn more about our success in securing the UK's largest funding award from the Community Renewal Fund here



We draw on two decades of experience working on strategies in commercial, local economic development and membership association contexts. We've written or contributed to plans for every economic strategy round in England since the mid 2000s. From Regional Economic Strategies to post-COVID economic recovery plans.

Our skills were honed in major 'change moments', including the Coronavirus pandemic; the financial crisis of 2007-8, the Brexit referendum of 2016 and the no-deal Brexit deadlines of 2019.


We know what makes an effective funding bid. We've judged competitions at the national and sub-national levels. We've pitched successful bids for public and non-governmental bodies. We draw on these perspectives to deliver the highest-quality bids. Our team's experience working with business groups and government means we know which strategies land best with each other's stakeholders. 

We don’t have the overheads of a big agency: we can work with freelancers and others to meet the scale of your needs.

Strategy projects
Consultancy meeting


NE innovation prospectus 2.jpg

North of Tyne / North East Innovation Prospectus

Nature Friendly Modern Building

Somerset Economic Futures - pre-strategy visioning   

Business Meeting

Community Renewal Fund  - Start & Grow enterprise programme


We know that sometimes you want direct support but need things quick without the commitment of a major commission. So subject to availability, PolicyDepartment offers a range of super-value, fast-turnaround consulting services for commissions taking between 2 hours and 2 days equivalent to complete. 

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