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West Midlands (UK) Future Business Support System.

Working with collaboration partner Metro Dynamics for the West Midlands Combined Authority Strategic Economic Development Board (bringing together the WMCA with the area's Local Enterprise Partnerships, metropolitan borough councils and Growth Company).

When: 2021

The brief: design a fit-for-purpose business support system for a post-pandemic, zero-carbon, technically-enabled world within new UK public funding frameworks.

What we delivered: recommendations for reform based on four 'pillars': a genuine customer journey that meets the expectations of today's businesses; branded, universal elements available to firms across the region, targeted premium products, identified by a sophisticated local insight and evaluation programme; proactive outreach and campaigns to drive take up of services.


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South Yorkshire (UK) Chambers of Commerce Policy Programme.

Working with Doncaster, Sheffield and Barnsley & Rotherham Chambers of Commerce. 

When: 2021-

The brief: through high-impact business policy research, thought leadership, member and partner engagement, position South Yorkshire as a model for positive, private-sector civic activism and leadership.

What we are delivering: revamp of the region's flagship Quarterly Economic Survey and its associated outputs;  establishing new models of member engagement in shaping policy such as business citizens assemblies; creating a Sheffield city-regional voice for the Chamber movement in South Yorkshire through common media and public affairs initiatives.

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Doncaster, Sheffield and Barnsley & Rotherham

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Surrey (UK) post-COVID, Post-Brexit socio economic trends.

Working with collaboration partner Third Life Economics for Surrey County Council

When: 2020

The brief: identify emerging post-pandemic, post-Brexit socio-economic trends and their relevance for Surrey's future
economic growth, business communities and development strategies.

What we delivered: an evidence review that selected 11 high-priority trends to watch and recommendations for how to operationalise evidence for each in decision-making and economic visioning.

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Dorset (UK) COVID impacts and recovery.

When: 2020

The brief: estimate the evolving impact of COVID-19 on Dorset's business environment.  Review prospects for the county's economic recovery, the uncertainties, new dynamics, and priorities for forward planning.

What we delivered: an evidence review of the channels to impact across businesses, investors, consumers, pubic spending and the labour market. Practical recommendations on how to flex the delivery of Dorset's Local Industrial Strategy for the post-pandemic context.


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Economic Development Strategy Guide: Cambridgeshire and Peterborough (UK).

When: 2020-2021

The brief: produce a step-by-step guide to refreshing the Local Industrial Strategy and associated business sector plans for the post-COVID socio-economic context.

What we delivered: analysis of the post-pandemic trends emerging in mid-late 2020, the uncertainties surrounding different scenarios for economic change, the implications for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough and what this meant in practice for CPCA strategies. The 4-stage plan for strategy refreshes was applied to the area's Local Economic Recovery Strategy, Skills and Adult Education Budget (AEB) Commissioning Plan; and sector visions for Agri-tech; Advanced Manufacturing and Materials; Life Sciences; and Digital.


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Restart, Rebuild, Renew plan for a post-pandemic UK economy

When: 2020

The brief: support BCC in developing its policy priorities for a post-COVID business environment.

What we delivered: a three-phase plan for reopening the UK economy ('Restart, Rebuild. Renew') that drew on the experience of Chambers, their members, and their first-hand understanding of the approaches being adopted internationally.


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Policy, placemaking and campaigns mentoring, Staffordshire (UK).

When: 2021

The brief: support capacity development around civic engagement on business policy.

What we delivered: mentoring sessions for key staff covering policy development, economic development strategy and campaigning for change.

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