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BCC sets out principles for safe restart of the UK economy

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

PolicyDepartment is proud to work with the British Chambers of Commerce on plans for a phased restart of the UK economy. Some of the outputs of this work were published over the weekend.

On Sunday, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) – a powerful business network representing Chambers in the UK and across the globe - published an open letter to the Prime Minister. It sets out principles for a phased restart of the UK economy as the country fights the Coronavirus pandemic. The plans draw on the extensive experience of its members and their first-hand understanding of the approaches being adopted internationally.

BCC plans are built around a three-phase journey:

  1. Restart: a phased reopening of the economy

  2. Rebuild: building resilience for firms and households

  3. Renew: returning to prosperity and growth

The open letter sets out five steps for the ‘Restart’ phase:

  • Safely reopen public spaces and restore services (including schools and public transport)

  • Safely reopen workplaces and commercial spaces

  • Minimise job losses and business failures

  • Rebuild supply chains and customer bases; and

  • Put the UK economy on a high-growth, high-wage and low unemployment trajectory as soon as possible

Coronavirus business impacts and recovery
Covideconomics - Restart, Rebuild, Renew


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