PolicyDepartment - for the civic-minded organisations that invest and promote in economic development


PolicyDepartment is a specialist enterprise policy consultancy run by Mike Spicer. With our network of associates, we have a track record of working across industry associations and government. Our collective history takes in leading market research companies, development agencies and major policymaking bodies like HM Treasury and the Bank of England. 

Our recent projects range from post-COVID local economic recovery strategies to Freeport bids; the design and review of business surveys, to analysis of public-funded business support programmes. 


"At PolicyDepartment we believe that dynamic businesses are the bedrock of strong economies. Our mission is to create the conditions for more of them to start and grow. To do this we empower the civic-minded organisations that promote and invest in economic development.  We work with sector and professional associations, government bodies, Chambers of Commerce, investors, consultancies charities and corporates.”

Mike Spicer, Founder and Managing Director

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